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Environmental protection

EMAS is the most comprehensive environmental management and audit system to improve the environmental performance of companies and organisations. The European Union's voluntary instrument for environmental management and environmental audit is open to all sectors and sizes of company, covers all requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001 and, like DIN EN ISO 14001, is applicable worldwide. However, EMAS does much more: concrete improvements in environmental protection performance, verified compliance with legal regulations and transparency through environmental reporting that is comprehensible to everyone are just the most important keywords.

The improvement of environmental performance is the core concern of EMAS and is covered at least for the essential environmental aspects, such as energy and resource consumption, waste, water, emissions and biological diversity, by concrete and uniform performance indicators and presented in the environmental reporting.

Thus, EMAS companies always have a detailed overview of their current environmental situation and their development opportunities for ecological improvement.

The LAMM has been EMAS environmentally certified since 2013 and has been able to achieve continuous improvements in consumption figures and thus save environmental resources. We are pleased to be able to make our contribution to environmental protection and sustainability and to implement further optimisation measures together with our team.