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History of the Schwemmle family

The LAMM in Rotensol already existed in 1790 as a pub in the Wanzenau. Until the year 1846 the respective LAMM owner often wasn't that successful. Thus the pub was closed, reopened in 1849 and closed again in 1853.

In 1859, the local and economic hardships were over and the LAMM developed into a well established economy with agricultural estates. The Hotel LAMM in Rotensol has also always been one step ahead in terms of comfort. Already in 1930 the hotel guests of the LAMM could enjoy a bath in the house and did not have to avoid the cold fountain in front of the door.

After Ernst Pfeiffer returned from Russian captivity in 1949, Ernst and Else Pfeiffer managed the LAMM from 1950 to 1980. Their daughter Bärbel took over the business in January 1981 together with her husband Karl Schwemmle.

The young couple got to know each other during their training at the Hotel Funk in Dobel under the direction of Lisel Uttenreuther. Bärbel Pfeiffer was trained as a hotel manager and Karl Schwemmle as a cook.

After finishing their apprentideships, the young couple - above all Karl Schwemmle - became longing for faraway places. Hotels such as the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, the Dorchester Hotel in London, the Le Pavillion Royal in Paris, the Restaurant Stahlbad in Baden-Baden, the Hotel des Platanes and the Eurotel - both in Switzerland, as well as the Schlosshotel Kronberg were the goals of the motivated young gastronomes.

Since the generation change in 1981, the Hotel Restaurant Vinothek LAMM in Rotensol near Bad Herrenalb has been renovated and extended at regular intervals. Since the Schwemmle family is very well versed in the field of wine, the LAMM has been enriched - as the name suggests - by an extensive vinotheque in the rustic vaulted cellar.

After the tragic, fatal accident of Bärbel Schwemmle in August 2013, Karl Schwemmle now leads the company. With his four daughters (Kirstin Speinle, Ann-Katrin, Anja and Lisa Schwemmle) the succession (in the hospitality industry) is secured.